Work in Progress

  • Firm incentives and early retirement decisions. Joint with Andreas Haller and Julian Vedeler Johnsen.
  • Social security reform and regularization of immigrants: evidence from domestic workers in Spain. Joint with Alejandro Iribas.
  • Pension accrual for unpaid care work and households' behavior during retirement. Solo project.
Before the start of my PhD, I also contributed to the following OECD publications:
  • OECD (2022), Global Outlook on Financing for Sustainable Development 2023: No Sustainability Without Equity, OECD Publishing, Paris, Lead author for chapters 1 and 2, together with Abdoulaye Fabregas (chapters 1 and 2) and Rachel Morris (chapter 3). 
  • OECD (2022), Multilateral Development Finance 2022, OECD Publishing, Paris, Together with Abdoulaye Fabregas, Jieun Kim and Julian Kath.


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